What To Do If You Don't Have Time To Find The Plus Size Fashions and Accessories You Want. 
Does it seem like  there is not enough time in the day to get everything done?

Our fashion boxes can make your fashion shopping easier!

Want to know more?...
When you sign up for a Sophisticated Curves Fashion Box, you get stylish fashion accessories and beautiful plus size clothing based on your style profile choices.
But!... That's not all....

You also get a special selection of pamper me items too!  These items are a great source of comfort and relaxation after a long hard day. 

You also get free shipping on all boxes!

Benefits of a Sophisticated Curves Fashion Box...
  • ​Saves You Time: With our fashion boxes, you can focus on the important people and things in your life rather than standing in line
  • ​Reduces Stress: Our fashion boxes help to reduce stress by putting your wardrobe on auto pilot; One less thing to have to think about
  • Something Just For You: Our fashion boxes are designed for you and your needs; They are very personalized; Feel like the special person you are;
  • Saves You Money : Get the quality fashions you want, at a lower cost
Do you know how awesome our app is? We will tell you all about us below...
Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable synth before they sold out DIY normcore. Pitchfork hoodie
Special thank you to @cheyennemedland who reviewed our $55 fashion box below.
"Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You!"
William and Anne Kinsey
Owners of Sophisticated Curves
Made In Concord, NC  @ Sophisticated Curves
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